Success Express Seminar Tackles Risk, March 22

A core mission of the Penobscot Bay Regional Chamber of Commerce is connecting our members with opportunities to stay up-to-date with the latest in a variety of business disciplines, to enhance existing skills, to learn new skills, and to boost their bottom line.

Thanks to the support of Bangor Savings Bank and Allen Insurance & Financial, the Chamber’s Success Express Workshop Series offers programs to help businesses improve their performance in key areas and kick their business up to the next level. Sales, marketing and business development professionals as well as entrepreneurs who want to sharpen their skills will find real value in these interactive workshops. These programs are designed to provide local businesses with the information and resources needed to help increase sales, enhance productivity and improve profitability.

Industry experts share their knowledge, conduct open discussions, and hold question and answer sessions. The workshops are intense one hour to 90 minute sessions with clearly defined goals for maximum impact.

The main focus is on the skills and information required for success in small business settings, although much of the programming is also be relevant to employees of larger for-profit operations and non-profits of all sizes also.

We offer 16 seminars a year in the Success Express Workshop Series: the full schedule can be found here. The seminars will take place 8-9am or 8-9:30am (based on length), dependent on participant feedback.

The Success Express Workshop Series is designed to connect local businesses with three main areas of focus: core business skills: marketing, customer service, sales etc;. technical knowledge: “how to” sessions around social media, internet security, Dept. of Labor programs, etc; and managing yourself: motivation, leadership styles, time management, etc.

The next seminar in the series is on Thursday, March 22: Managing Risk: Protect Yourself from Fraud, Theft & Other Disasters with Richard Crossman, CIC, CRM of Allen Insurance & Financial and Rick Maltz, EVP & Chief Risk Officer at Bangor Savings. In today’s fast moving world with 24 hour online access to information businesses and individuals face multiple new threats in addition to the always present offline risk of fraud, theft, and other disasters. Rather than hide under a rock, saddle one’s business with cumbersome processes, or try to ignore risks in the hope they’ll just go away, empower yourself instead with this practical and business oriented overview of strategies and tools you can use to protect yourself today. Learn from those who set the standard for risk management: our banks and insurance companies.

The Success Express Workshop Series is open to all members of the community. Cost to Chamber members will be $5 per head; non-Chamber members will pay $10. Participation in each session will be capped at 40 (if needed a second session will be added if presenter schedules permit). To register in advance contact either Karen Brace at and she’ll get you signed up!